Our mission

We are here to increase the value of Polish farms by using modern technologies, both in product (modern fertilizers and soil quality improvement measures) and equipment (weather stations, soil sensors, mobile laboratories or soil scanning).

Techmot our main goals:

  • Build durable solutions that are easy to use and translate directly into farm profit from the first day of use.
  • Clearly advise, help to find the best in offered products and services that are compatible with the individual needs of the farm.
  • Accessibly translate modern agricultural reality.
  • Create conditions for long-term partner relationships for years.

Eliminator of low pH

The soil reaction is of great importance for agricultural crops, since most of them do not tolerate acidic soil.


Nutritionist’s zone

Optimal animal nutrition is the most important element in regulating all systems in the animal’s body.

Agricultural Services

We help farmers make good decisions and choices in order to maximize their yields and profits, taking into account the climate and soil conditions in which they operate.

Techmot has been the official distributor of METOS devices from Pessl Instruments since 2018. In accordance with the company's mission and strategy adopted for the coming years, we focus on providing the best solutions for modern agriculture.

Our team

We are people with passion, who know the market and are attentive to the needs of each client.

Anna Danylczenko

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Zbigniew Wąsaty

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Joanna Wytulani

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Piotr Piątkowski

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Zbigniew Bednarczyk

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Karolina Foltyn

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Przemysław Malec

Starszy Doradca Klienta

Dariusz Pasznik

Starszy Doradca Klienta

Marcin Jackiewicz

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Stanisław Bielas

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