Chalk fodder

Fodder chalk is a natural rock of sedimentary origin – calcium carbonate, derived from the same deposits as the carbonate used in fertilizing arable fields. Fodder chalk used in feeding animals is 90% CaCO3, in nature, it is not present in pure form and the remaining 10% are admixtures such as magnesium carbonate, clay minerals, aluminium oxides, iron oxides and quartz. Calcium carbonate may contain elements such as magnesium, iron, cadmium and lead. Chalk as a source of calcium should be used in the diet of every farm animal, its deficiencies must be replenished on an ongoing basis to ensure the health of the animals at the highest level. Fodder chalk can be fed directly to animals or used as a feed additive.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Fodder chalks are available in white, pink, light grey and cream. There are very fine fractions (dusty) and thicker ones from 0.1 to 1.2 mm
PURPOSE Fodder chalks are intended for the production of feed and compound feed and for direct feeding of animals.
TERMS OF APPLICATION Throughout animal growth
DOSE Depending on the species of farm animal and according to the recipe.